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Alethia promotes a speak up culture and empowers employees to put ethics into action. 

Developing a speak up culture is not a threat, it’s an opportunity. An opportunity for organizations to take control of managing their reputations, building trust amongst their employees, customers and other stakeholders to build long term value through transparency, accountability and a commitment to ethics. Our aim is to help create change. This is about building strength, sustainability and allowing a company to prove its commitment to support ESG goals is real. 

Alethia provides a secure and efficient channel to confidentially report any suspected fraud, unethical conduct or business irregularities.

Our mobile app is used as a highly effective tool to anonymously communicate by way of a simple report or two-way conversation.

It directly links senior management, company directors and a trusted third party administrator to all levels of staff providing honest insight into issues on the ground.

The online dashboard provides the ability to monitor and react to any reports in real time.

All information collected via the app is investigated, recorded and archived for effective management and risk mitigation. 

$78 Million Value of fraud disclosed by Alethia clients to date, reported, investigated and uncovered using our technology.

Our Features 

Guaranteed anonymity.

Offer a digital, secure, encrypted reporting system.

Efficient and cost effective alternative to a traditional centralized hotline.

Anonymous follow up dialog with reporter.

Global trend to mobile app based communication.

Encourage reporting through ease of use.

Simple user interface.

Accuracy of reporting.

Deterrence factor.

Inbuilt report management & analytics.

Prevent real or perceived conflicts of interest or fear of retaliation. 

How Alethia Works


Download the free mobile application to any Android or Apple Device. 

Enter the unique access code provided by your organization. 

Choose an anonymous username and pin code.

* We collect no personal information and track no IP addresses. 

You are now 100% anonymously connected a trusted iTrust administrator. 

Key Focus Areas

Financial, Legal & Regulatory



Insider Trading

Corporate Disclosures

Financial Misconduct


Management & Personnel




Workplace Bullying


Mental Health 

Operational & Supply Chain



Health & Safety




Independent Third Party Monitoring 

iTrust Assurance is Alethia’s exclusive report management and administration partner.

iTrust Assurance perform neutral third party 24/7 365 day monitoring and administration of all reports.

The team all have extensive police backgrounds with over 25 years experience in covert policing, specializing in informant management.

Monitoring includes confidential report writing and dissemination for any disclosures that are made.

This is unique for this type of service and encourages employee engagement with the app by providing an external administrator function that helps to further anonymize any member of staff who makes a disclosure.

This is crucial for organizations that truly want to promote a culture of openness and transparency.

Extra services include Speak Up consulting, debriefing and training including presentations, webinars and e-learning packages 

Clients & Strategic Partners

“The launch of the App forms part of our efforts to create a digitised, easy-to-use, clear governance framework to ensure our business operations meet the highest ethical standards. The Expose-It App will become a new standard in enabling the safe, anonymous exposure of wrongdoing, both within EOH and externally.”
Stephen van Coller | CEO – EOH Group

“ExposeIT has been developed as the first App-based Whistleblowing solution in Africa with unbelievable success. There is nothing similar that ensures anonymous reporting by whistleblowers where they can attach evidence and have continuous communication with the whistleblower. We are proud to have partnered with Zappapp and believe that together we have revolutionised whistleblowing in SA.”
Johan van Dyk | Exec Head – Xtnd

Commitment to your local community.

It is estimated that 246 million students around the world experience school violence, bullying and mental health issues in some form every year but almost half of all incidents never get reported out of fear of retaliation or being labelled.

As a brand Bravely aims to focus attention on the serious global problem of bullying, harassment and discrimination and to give the youth a voice, striving to inspire confidence and social engagement.

Built on the same framework as Alethia, the Bravely mobile app provides the same safe anonymous channel of communication between a student and their school counselor.

Promoting speak up cultures and providing the solutions to enable this to happen is as important in schools as it is in the work place.

Give back to your community, support and protect future generations by joining us in co-sponsoring the Bravely application to a school in your local community. 

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